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Awesome Moms To Follow On Snapchat

Awesome Moms To Follow On Snapchat

Before we get started, I have a confession. Despite the fact that I'm totally obsessed with Snapchat right now, it took me over a year to give in and actually use it enough to realize how awesome it can be.


Last summer, friends kept trying to get me to download... which I would... and then I'd stare into this bright yellow app that made me feel like I was 98 years old because I couldn't figure out how to swipe or click or share or whattheheckisastory and I would delete it moments later, because I definitely wasn't hip enough to snap... or chat... or whatever the kids are saying. 

Then, at this year's Mom 2.0 conference, I made my 867th attempt to fall in love with Snapchat. I agreed to keep it up throughout the conference and with the help of some Snap-savvy pals who taught me the ropes, I found my newest addiction. 

For me, Snapchat has become the unfiltered story (literally) of what goes on in my daily life -- with work, with my family, and whatever I might be up to on a particular day. I share all of those in between moments that don't make it onto Instagram, plus silly videos, rants, and occasionally a promo for something that's happening on my blog or YouTube channel.

I've also found a really cool community of moms (I'm thatdesireefawn, btw) and it's been fun to see their behind-the-scenes life too. Below are some of my favourite Snapchat mamas -- be sure to check them out!

Awesome Moms To Follow On Snapchat


If you're into gorgeous pics of healthy food then omg you need to follow Catherine. This account makes me feel like I want to eat a huge salad with a smoothie bowl for dessert. Mouthwatering farmer's market pics, cute kid videos, and fun recipes galore! I'm getting hungry just thinking about her snaps!


Nadia was actually the first person who ever tried to get me hooked on Snapchat, so of course she was one of the first I ever followed! She and I go way back -- I think we met online in about 2009 and in person a few years later. Her snaps usually involve her awesome Buti Yoga practice, her three beautiful kiddos, and her travels. 


Joanna showed me the ropes and helped guide me through my first few snaps. (Thank you Joanna!) Her posts are all about her life with four kids, including the cutest twin girls. She shares super honest parenting moments and has a great way of helping her audience feel right at home. She's a must-follow!


This ex-television host (who wishes she could change her Snap username) is larger than life. She'll have you smiling, dancing, and excited about all the small things in life. From travel to making cool videos with her fam, to rocking the blog-mom life, you're going to fall for Michelle in a big way. 


I recently started following Jennifer's blog and I've fallen in love with her photography. She has an eye for detail and her snaps are fun to follow! I love seeing her take on motherhood, blog-life, and beyond! 


I love finding my fellow Ontario mamas on Snapchat! I had a chance to meet Christine at Mom 2.0 and she's a firecracker. Great style, great tips, fun parenting moments, and lots more!


Karen cracks me up on the daily. I especially adore her rants from the car, because let's be honest, that's where we mamas chill and reflect on the events of the day, yeah? Follow her and you'll be smiling in no time!


Kelly is one of my newest fave Snappers and her stories are always energetic, fun to watch, and totally engaging. She's totally rocking the community side of her snaps and I love seeing her daily life. She's an entrepreneur, mama, and grad student. Woo!


You might know Jill from her awesome blog, Baby Rabies. She's a mom to 3, currently expecting baby no. 4 and I love her snaps for the same reason that I've loved her blog for years -- they're both an honest look at parenthood with just the right amount of humour and relatability. Plus, she has the cutest dogs. Nuff said.


Amy is a total pro when it comes to Snapchat. She often starts her days with a cool pic with the day of the week (something I've started doing on my snaps too!) and then she'll dive into her daily to-do list. Amy shares a behind-the-scenes peek at her blog as well as daily life with her two sons. For travel, family fun, and all around silliness, you should definitely give her a follow. She'll make you smile!


I first found Ilana on Instagram and was instantly hooked on her numerous accounts. She has a way with images, but I'm loving the unfiltered look at her life on Snapchat too. She shares daily snaps as she raises her two girls in NYC. Love it.


Ok, so technically this is a duo, but both of these mamas make for one fun and followable Snapchat feed! I love how they swap back and forth, both giving their fun accounts on what's happening in their daily life. Follow along and see for yourself!

Who are your favourite moms to follow on Snapchat? Share their usernames in the comments so I can follow them too!

Edited October 2016 to add: The day Instagram stories launched, I literally dropped Snapchat. I deleted the app and moved back to Instagram. I try to post pretty much every single day on Insta-stories and I'm loving it. Anyone else do the same??

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