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My Capsule Wardrobe Would Never Make It On Pinterest

My Capsule Wardrobe Would Never Make It On Pinterest

I could never be a fashion blogger.


My style goals can pretty much be summed up in one tweet:

That's me (and my closet) in a nutshell.

Remember last year, when Mark Zuckerberg posted a picture of his closet and people lost their minds about the fact that he literally wears the SAME THING every single day?

This snapshot of his grey tees and hoodies has been stuck in my mind ever since because. It's genius. This is my ideal capsule wardrobe.

The idea behind it is basically that not having to choose what to wear or worry about your clothing each day, frees up your brain to make more important decisions. You can just get up and get dressed and start BEING and DOING without the fashion crisis. 

Making the getting-dressed process easier is also something that will ease my getting-out-of-the-house anxiety. One less thing to worry about. 

And this is where my plaid shirt-ness comes into the matter. It's my Zuckerberg-esque staple. 

I get that choosing out clothing in the morning isn't something everyone stresses about, but I freaking hate it. (Ironic, since I once owned a clothing store.) When I buy something new, it generally looks like something I already have, and then I wear the living hell out of it, over and over, because it's simple, comfortable, and because I probably wore the living hell out of the thing it replaced.

Last month I posted a video on my Facebook page, because I was laughing about the fact that each day I just choose what type of plaid I'm putting on before heading out of the house.

This was the caption:

Seriously. I think this could be my answer.

I need to work on getting my wardrobe to a Zuckerberg-like state. With plaid button-ups, black tees (which I've yet to find the perfect rendition of... my Old Navy special just isn't cutting it so I'm open to suggestion), dark denim jeans (usually slim/skinny and from Ricki's because they are the only women's clothing store that seems to understand curves), and black leggings.

I'm fully on the leggings-are-pants side of the argument. Previously I've worn leggings from H&M, which are ok, but they get baggy after a few wears. They are literally in the basics section, so I'll let them bag out and replace them at $10 a pop. 

However, since black leggings are the foundation of so many of my outfits (including ones involving over-size men's flannel) and I wear them 99% of the time that I wear dresses, I needed to step up my legging game.

When I was contacted by Svelte, a Montréal based shapewear company, to see if I'd like to try out their leggings, I was somewhere on the edge of seriously excited... and somewhat terrified.

Previously, my only shapewear experience was with a pair of thigh-to-boob SPANX, so the idea of wearing something similar as an actual item of clothing was a little panic-inducing. But I wanted to see if they would actually work, if they'd be comfortable, and if they'd be able to hold up as daywear -- not just as something to wear when you need to shove your booty into formalwear. 

When they arrived (I tried out a pair of Svelte's Tight Ankle Leggings) the first thing I noticed was their weight. These aren't flimsy or too thin (two things you do NOT want on your curves), they are just the right feel and thickness, with a bit of a sheen.

I put these leggings through some serious tests, so I could if if they'd lose their elasticity or start to droop aka. the things that you expect leggings to do. 

I wore them out with Gretchen, shopping, sitting in the car for a long drive, running errands downtown, walking a LOT, and then, the ultimate test, we went for burritos. I need my tights to handle some serious burrito cravings.

I ran my shapewear through the ultimate mom tests and after a week of wearing them an obnoxious amount, they still felt like they did when I took them out of the package.

Putting my shapewear leggings to the burrito test. Because let's be honest, that's what you all wanna know.

A post shared by Désirée Fawn (@that.desiree) on

No sagging. No flopping. Nothing. They didn't even look like I'd worn them, aside from a little bit of wear on the label on the inside of the belly panel. I was expecting the knees and booty to be a bit saggy from all the wear, because that's basically what all jeans/leggings do after that much wear, but these just look the same. They hold their shape like a boss. 

I love how they feel and they absolutely give that nice smoothing effect that you want from shapewear. If you're rockin' a mama belly pooch, these are awesome. One thing that I never liked about my H&M leggings is that they do NOTHING for the loose skin and extra pound-age around the belly. They smooth, they hold, they help everything stay in place, and they make your butt look awesome. 

Colour me impressed. I NEVER thought I'd been keen to wear shapewear outside of a wedding or fancy event type situation. And I definitely never thought I'd want to wear them as a daily piece of my wardrobe.


FYI: I'm about a size 16, depending on the brand, and I'm wearing an XL in the Svelte Tight Ankle Leggings.

I'm also pretty stoked that this company was founded by a mom who really just wanted to create a brand of shapewear that was functional, comfortable, and made women feel good. Which is exactly what she's done. 

These leggings are going to become a staple as I build my Zuckerberg wardrobe. Now I just need to find the perfect black tee and I'll be set.

Earlier this month, I was thinking about how people build their 30-piece capsule wardrobes and I have no idea how I'd do that unless they were just repeats of the same item over and over again. And that's essential what I'm going to build for myself. 

Goodbye wardrobe over-thinking.

Hello, style simplicity.

This is not a sponsored post. Thanks to the fine folks at Svelte for sending over leggings for me to try out (and subsequently fall in love with). Follow @svelteshapewear for more style inspo. I think I need to try their denim next...!

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