Coffee, Cats, And Justin Timberlake (VLOG)

I've taken the leap, my friends.

For months I've been toying with the idea of doing a vlog and instead of trying to figure out how to do it perfectly, I just figured I'd do it and learn as I go. Pretty much sums up life, yeah?

Tree pose perfection at ivivva.

Tree pose perfection at ivivva.

So here we go. Vlog no. 1 is done and ready for your viewing pleasure! In our pilot episode, I make a mess with coffee (not a rare occurrence), Gretchen rocks out at a fun event with ivivva, we pet cats, and neither of us can remember the name of that catchy Justin Bieber song.

The struggle is real.

My favourite part of the ivivva event was when they asked G what her favourite activity was and then wrote this on her dressing room door:

Stay tuned for our second vlog coming up soon... hint: It's all about enjoying the great outdoors! Oh yes.

Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday. Peace!