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This Is The Cutest Dog On Instagram

This Is The Cutest Dog On Instagram

Owen is the cutest dog on Instagram

Yeah, I know. That's a pretty bold statement, but @owenthegriff is winning the internet. 

(And I'm not even going to mention MY dog... who totally has an Instagram account that I haven't posted to in weeks. Shhh.)

This is Owen. 

He's a Brussels Griffon and he's so intensely adorable I can guarantee that 99% of you are going to spend the next 30 minute scrolling through his Instagram feed trying to suppress the aawwwwwws and omggggggs that will try to escape your being. 


Owen also happens to belong to a couple of friends of mine which means I've actually got snuggle him and his adorable little moustached face. Yes, I'm bragging ;)

Just click here and go swoon. Everyone needs a little Owen in their lives.

I think what everyone needs right now is to hear me bark like a chicken. 🐔#bokbok

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Cuteness overload! 

I hope the rest of your week is as awesome as this pup and his adorable chicken bark. Peace out for now!

PS. Owen's mama is an interior designer and his dad is a photographer. Go check them out!

PPS. If you're in need of more adorable dogs to follow on Instagram, check out @arloandrosie. Double trouble. Double omgcuteness.

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