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One Of My Favourite Things About Homeschooling

One Of My Favourite Things About Homeschooling

This post is a part of my On This Day series, where I share a random day from our lives in images, timestamps, and stories. Click here to read more.

8.33am | Gretchen woke me up with the news that it had snowed again. The temperatures had gone from +11 to -20 in two days. Not exactly the news I wanted to roll out of bed to, but oh well. 

8.57am | I made G breakfast and brought it to her in the livingroom where she's been reading for most of the morning. On days when she's up before the rest of the house, she'll read and draw, or sometimes she'll make her own breakfast if there's cereal or toast to be had. 

8.58am | I break the news that there will be 10000 photos taken today and I get the look even though I know she's actually fine with it. Sidenote: Sometimes I take photos and she asks me not to post them and I don't. I also always ask permission, now that's she's older, to post videos of her on Facebook or Instagram. I think it's important that she has a say and she grows up.


8.59am | Breakfast this morning is fried eggs and fruit. She's already poured herself some water in her StacyPlays mug.

9.00am | I'm already sorry for showing you this photo because it's disgusting, but it's a part of the day, so here it is! Winston (our Boston Terrier) eats a raw diet, so this is his lump o' meat for breakfast. This particular blend is chicken, beef... and I honestly can't remember what else, but he loves it. He gets this twice a day (this isn't the full portion, just a dollop) and then for lunch he gets some chicken necks. His metabolism is SUPER HIGH so he gets more than most dogs his weight.

9.01am | Winston's inner monologue: OMG MOM STOP I JUST WANT BREAKFAST. (He's never been keen on having his photo taken.)

9.50am | We have homeschool gym class this morning (it was March 3rd, 2017) and we're totally going to be late. Also I'm annoyed with the snow. Our day is off to a ridiculous start, but I'm still going to stop and get tea on the way because my sanity requires caffeine.

10.14am | Yeah, we're late. Get your shoes on and run, kiddo ;) The blur in this photo is legit. I sometimes feel like a moron for taking pics like this, but I'm glad I did. Probably none of the moms saw me sneaking pics of my child rushing to get her runners on before heading out onto the astroturf. 


11.12am | One of the homeschool moms brought in a TON of books for everyone to take. There were bins and bins to go through, so we snagged a pile too. I'm so grateful for our growing library and the fact that my daughter is such a big reader. Every single time I see her diving into a stack of books. For any of you who are raising kids who aren't as into reading as you'd like them to be, here's a tiny trick: Put books all around your house. Living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom. Literally everywhere. Let their curiosity take over and I promise you'll see them turning pages soon.

11.13am | Gym class is over, but she never wants to leave.

11.14am | "Mom, I don't want to leave." Yeah. I know, kid.

11.20am | We're back in the car and Gretchen's diving into the oatmeal we picked up from Tim Horton's on the way so she'd have something to much after. (She kinda picked at her breakfast... I think she was just really excited to get to gym class.)

11.21am | We both love the maple oatmeal from Tim Horton's. I won't even call it a guilty please, I just freakin' like it and it's super cheap. Win-win.

11.22am | She wants to go skating, but we didn't bring skates. Sorry kiddo, next week!

11.47am | One of my favourite things about working for myself is also one of my favourite things about homeschool -- the ability to take it with us wherever we go. This morning we went to the library to work on a project about habitat for her. I worked on some blog posts and replied to emails.


11.58am | Magic School Bus o'clock. Her habitat project involves learning about three different types of habitats, the animals who live there, their homes, food sources, predators, and more. We're starting with the ocean floor.

12.26pm | She's showing me her work, so far. She's drawing creatures that live on the ocean floor. She's also drawn a food chain diagram. No matter what we do, art comes into it in a big way.

1.50pm | We both pick out some more books to bring home. We've recently started a Canadian study unit (using this awesome guide from The Canadian Homeschooler) so I chose a book about auks because they came up when we were reading about Puffins. This is another homeschool bonus -- we have more time to deviate from the plan. I'm anything by Type A, so my overall style this year (our first year, if you're new to the blog) has been to follow the general plan of the Grade 2 Oak Meadow curriculum and supplement with extras along the way.

1.52am | I have so many pictures of her walking and reading. (Don't worry, I steered her across the parking lot. Safety first and what not.)

3:47 pm | Home again. Time to say hello to our resident Stormtrooper while I make a pot of coffee. (French press is the usual around here, but Rich got me an AeroPress for Christmas and I love making espresso with it. No need for a fancy machine, but fresh ground coffee also makes a big difference.)

4.01pm | Snacks, coffee, and books. Time to recharge.

4.33pm | The illustrated version of the Harry Potter books are incredible. I can't wait for the 3rd to come out in the fall. It's a whole new experience reading them like this, and reading them aloud with Gretchen. She has read them on her own, but we're in a constant state of being in the middle of SOME Harry Potter book. Just how I like it.

4.34pm | She likes to draw while I read sometimes. She'll draw characters from the stories, or something else entirely. I love seeing what she comes up with each day, because honestly, we go through paper like whoa in this place. Art is strong with this one.

5.23pm | Gretchen's going to the Y tonight for their swim & a movie program, so I'm packing up a few things and trying to get dinner on the go. This hall and the stairs that lead to it are the only carpeted areas in our 1800s house, and I'm glad that you can't see all the hair on it in this image. And actually, it's more MY hair than the dog's hair. My hair ends up in everything.

5.24pm | I'm excited that these trees will be all green and leafy again soon, but that also means I won't see as much of the lake from my bedroom and porch as I can now. But oh well ;) Bring on Spring!

5.55pm | There's a Minecraft skelly in my spider plant.


6.09pm | Time to take Gretchen to the Y. She's excited to swim and I'm excited to bring my laptop to Tim Horton's to work for a few hours. 

6.21pm | Operation Child Dropoff is a success.

6.31pm | Time for mama to grab her steeped tea and do some work. A few hours later, I picked her up, we went home to eat, and then she was off to bed. Sometimes Friday's end up being our busiest day out of the house, sometimes they are pretty mellow after our gym class. Either way, the flexibility in our week makes me so happy. This morning, she had to be at March Break camp for 8am and I was instantly reminded of how stressful it was to get out of the house each morning for school. I know she loves camp, but it's nice to hit these moments that show me just how right our choice to homeschool was for us. Gotta love that.

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