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Friday Faves No. 1

Friday Faves No. 1

Happy Friday, friends! This weekend I'll be typing from the trailer, keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine, and recording a few videos for my upcoming Facebook course. We recently bought a wireless hub so that we have ACTUAL wifi at our home away from home, which has been a huge step up from tethering the the crummy signal from our iPad.

Actually, I've been working from the trailer most days this week because it's so peaceful. (And only 15 minutes from our house.) My partner and I set our laptops up on the porch and listen to the birds as we type away. So yes, that's where I'll be, and if you'd like to see a behind-the-scenes peek at what we're getting up to, be sure to follow along via Snapchat. That's where I share videos of my dog chewing up Tim Horton's cup and pics of my daughter jumping off the swings. Good time, folks. Good times. 

Have a fab weekend and a mellow Friday the 13th, mes amis. Here are a few links I'm loving this week. Enjoy!

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A different way to look at our world. 

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(Image via Gemma Correll for BBC BodyPositive/Instagram)

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