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Friday Faves No. 4

Friday Faves No. 4

Happy Friday, mes amis! Are you ready for the long weekend? We don't really have any huge plans, but we'll prob end up at the trailer for at least part of it. There's just a few weeks left in the season, so we wanna be there as much as possible.

Also, the pic above was a totally random choice for this edition of my Friday Faves, but I had to share it. Gretchen is sooooooo my daughter. She usually brushes her teeth with this app that sings a little song for 2 minutes (and then I help her a little when she's done to make sure we've done a good job) but on this particular night, she didn't ask for my phone to use the app and I found her reading my Kobo while brushing her teeth. How cute is that?? She's been reading the Beatrix Potter collection on the eReader and she totally loves it. This whole scene makes me so damn happy. 

Anyhow, time for my fave links from the last little while. Enjoy!

I absolutely love this movie. The remake is a guilty pleasure, but I adore the original. 

Planning a Pokémon GO birthday party?

Pretty colouring pages. 

This made me so happy I cried. 

What does 10 years of backpacking look like?

How to soften butter quickly. (I need to try this!)

I'm always in the mood for Montessori inspiration.

I've been reading this blog series for years. It's soothing.

This looks so freakin' tasty. MUST TRY. 

Must also try this

Also, why do I never make these? I really should.

Bye for now! <3

Splinters Are Jerks

Splinters Are Jerks

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