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Friday Faves No. 5

Friday Faves No. 5

Happy Friday! This week has been a brand new sort of week in our lives, as it was our first week of homeschool, but not REALLY our first week. By that I mean we started off doing a bit of light work together, Gretchen and myself, and after some over-the-weekend planning, we'll be starting our for reals year together on Monday. 

I'm. So. Pumped. My planning side is getting ready to bullet journal the heck out of the next few months to see what rhythms work for us. Since we're also moving in (dare I look at the calendar??) 20ish days, we won't truly be able to sort out what our daily rhythm will be, because packing and a lot of change needs to happen before we head to the new house. 

But I'm excited anyhow and Gretchen's following my stride. 

Today we're off to pick up some bits of the curriculum that we're going to base our grade 2 year on, and then this afternoon it's off to her best friend's 8th birthday party. 

Wishing you a fabulous weekend! Here are a few of my favourite links from the last few days:

I've been thinking about this bit of grammar geekery for DAYS.

Excellent advice for any parental type person. 

This DIY Tetris game is ADORABLE and I'm totally going to make it.

I'm drooling just looking at this. Yes please.

Loving this Instagram account so much. 

These tartlets look incredible.

Breakfast cookies are right up my alley.

Time to plan a movie night

What a wonderful way to start the day. Gotta try this.

PS. Isn't that pup adorable? It belongs to our friend who owns the local toy shop and pet shop. The dog's name is Maple and she's all about the snuggles.

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