How To Brush Your Child's Hair (Without Tears... From Anyone)

Years ago, before I learned to choose my battles, I would brush Gretchen's hair pretty much every day. When I realized that maiming my kid with bristles was not actually anyone's idea of a good time, I gave in and let the wild locks roam free with weekly (or less) conditioner + comb struggle sessions that ended in tears from her and myself. 

Fast forward to last winter when I learned a new trick for detangling her hair sans the Jaws of Life and it basically increased our quality of life by about 847%. 

Ok, I'm exaggerating, but if you've ever battled with a child's stubborn head of hair, you need to make this stuff. It's so simple it freaks me out that I hadn't ever tried it before.

To make your Magical DIY Hair Detangling Spray you will need a spritz bottle, your favourite conditioner, warm water, and if you so desire, a few drops of essential oil.

A little goes a long way so you can make this a cup at a time if you want, or you can make a bigger batch.

Just use about a tablespoon of conditioner per cup of warm water. Pop your ingredients in your bottle and shake it up, shake it up (while listening to Taylor Swift probably) and you're good to go.

If you're using oils, add them pre-shake. I used a Young Living oil blend called Peace & Calming -- it's a nice mellow scent. Another good choice would be Lavender since it's supposed to be awesome for hair health. Totally up to you.

Shake before use (if it seems to be separating a little), then spritz on wet or dry hair and enjoy your tear-free detangling. This has brought a welcome dose of peace to our mornings, baths, and beyond. It's also awesome for after a swim.

Let me know how it works for you!

Also, I seriously recommend calling it the "magical spray" because I find you can get a lot of mileage out of magic. Just sayin'. 😉