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I Broke A Tooth, But Let's Not Talk About That

I Broke A Tooth, But Let's Not Talk About That

Yeah. I broke a tooth today. Which is basically my greatest nightmare realized. The only saving grace is that it's not painful, but it's a front tooth which is just as attractive as you can imagine.

Since I'm already totally panicked about tomorrow's dentist appointment (which will make me cry like a moron because I'd rather be in labour than have dental work done) I'm not going to write about it anymore right now.

Instead, here are some things I'm going to put on my holiday wish list. Because that's way better than thinking about broken teeth. #cringe

Yay for online "window" shopping!

First up, Star Wars pencils because they are awesome and we go through a lot of pencils around here.

Hey, a girl can dream right? This sofa is making me drool.

For the tea obsessed part of me. (That's basically all of the parts of me, actually. Especially the tea tattoo on my left arm part of me.)

Next, a reading blanket that'll keep me safe and cozy while diving into my 3rd re-read of the Harry Potter series this year. For reals.

I suck at makeup (seriously, I'm trying but it's a gong show) but I LOVE the Lash Injection mascara from Too Faced. It's basically magic.

These noël-y dishtowels because who doesn't want singing carol cats hanging around in their kitchen? Also, it's a secret for sure, but we're considering adding a kitty to the family this winter but it's not a for sure and we're totally not talking about it aloud yet. #winkwink

Also these dog plates are pretty awesome. But they're the kind of dishes that I'd be like "omg don't use them you might wreck them" and I don't want to go all Monica Gellar about serving food.

Lastly, this mug is a must. I offer a fist pump of support to all my friends in the US who are dealing with some serious shit this week. We're feeling it up here too. Nasty women need to stick together.

Alright. Think of me tomorrow morning at 8.50am ET because that's when I'll be making a fool of myself crying at the dentist. DEEP BREATHES. Thanks guys! Hope your weekend is off to a better start than mine.

Peace out.

PS. I had to make coffee using toilet paper today because I ran out of coffee filters. And then when I texted Rich to tell him I broke my tooth, he sent me a picture of new coffee filters he'd just bought on the way home, to cheer me up. This is romance, people. PURE ROMANCE.

I'm blogging daily in November. Stick around to find out how the tooth saga turns out. Oh my.

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