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I Love Having A Strong-Willed Child (But I Don't Want To Take Her To The Grocery Store)

I Love Having A Strong-Willed Child (But I Don't Want To Take Her To The Grocery Store)

My daughter absolutely hates grocery shopping.

With an intense passion.

If I want to completely ruin her day, I just have to sneak a surprise food buying adventure into the afternoon and she's 100% miserable.

She actually makes a sound like a dying cat if you mention grocery shopping.

When she was a toddler, she hated that it was so cold by the frozen foods, but at 7-going-on-27 she despises the entire ordeal.

During today's grocery expedition, she attempted to read one of her library books the entire time (which I totally get because I used to do the same when I was younger) but since our grocery cart had a janky wheel and I wouldn't let her sit in it, she just opted for SITTING ON THE FLOOR IN THE MIDDLE OF EACH AISLE as Rich and I added things to the cart. 

Combined with the fact that she hadn't been listening all day, and the fact that she was tired from our huge walk that morning, AND hungry because she's always hungry, she was in a fierce mood and I was seriously on the verge of losing my ish in the middle of the dairy section.

Nothing pleased her and to add insult to injury, I told her we couldn't go to the pet store because she was behaving like a tyrant.

Yup. Mean mommy.

To be honest, as annoyed and frustrated as I was by the end of it all, I couldn't help but admire her commitment to the role.

She is fascinatingly stubborn in a way that makes me feel like she'll do just fine in the face of shitty people she's sure to meet her in future. 

At times her behaviour is so damn obstinate that I stand back in awe, impressed by this strong-willed, confident creature. I'm actually pleased by in many ways because I feel it will serve her well when she learns to channel it a little more productively. 

Obviously I don't just let her act like a tiny dictator -- she knows fully well how to treat people with kindness and respect. She one of the most understanding children I've ever met and I adore her empathetic nature, but she knows how to push limits.

We have a lot of big talks around our house about how actions and words can change the world and how we have to consider how the affect our lives and the lives of those around us. Which circles back to her temper and intense nature, which at its core is so damn loving it makes my heart burst.

So yes, I absolutely LOVE my strong-willed child. She is brilliant, stubborn, infuriating, beautiful, creative, caring, ridiculous, and I adore her with every fibre of my being. 

But OH EM GEE I don't want to take her to the grocery store. Not until she can get through an entire shopping trip without making me want to abandon her by the cereal and claim I've never met her.

When that happens, we'll talk. For now, let me price-compare my maple syrup in peace.

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