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A Kitchen Tip That Changed The Way I Serve Food

A Kitchen Tip That Changed The Way I Serve Food

When I'm trying to perfect a recipe, I think to myself WWABD. That is, of course, What Would Alton Brown Do? 

Ever since becoming addicted to his show Good Eats (back when Gretchen was a tiny nursling and I watched far more television than I do now) I've taken his cooking advice as gospel and now I always google how he'd cook something before I get started. 

Which is exactly what happened a couple weeks ago when I was trying to perfect my scrambled egg recipe. I realize that's a SUPER simple thing to make, but I felt like my method could use an update and since I was teaching Gretchen how to make her own at the same time, I figured I'd consult the expert.

Within his recipe, was a tip that has now changed the way I serve food.

Here's what it said:

Odds are you're going to be serving these on a plate. If so, I strongly suggest you park an ovensafe one in a low oven or in hot water while you're cooking. Cold plates suck the heat right out of food.

Until that day, I'd never once heated my plates before putting food on them, but I figured I'd give it a try because Alton knows best and it made ALL the difference in the world. 

The idea of baking up my plates in the oven makes me feel like I'm definitely going to burn myself, so I just submerge them in hot water for a bit before serving. I swear it makes your food taste better, it (obviously) stays warm longer, and it just makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable.

It's also such a perk for when you're serving slow eaters. My daughter's food was nearly always cold by the time she finished the last few bites, but when I warm her plate up first, she rarely asks me to reheat her meal.

Am I the only heathen who hasn't been warming her plates before serving food? I feel a bit silly for not doing before, but now I'm never gonna stop. 

Tell me, do you warm your plates?

(Image via Alton Brown/Instagram)

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