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On Friday afternoon, Gretchen had a secret don't-peek-mom plastic bag stashed in her locker. She carried it carefully from the school to our car and reminded me not to look as she tucked it beside her seat. 

The mystery bag was fetched on Sunday morning as we drove into town for a Mother's Day brunch with family and I was allowed to open it up. 

Inside, after reading the incredible handmade card (shaped like one of our pet rats with big wooden eyes), and being completely wowed by the weaving project that she'd spent days working on, I found a tiny piece of pink paper taped inside the bag. 

On one side was a little typed out poem and on the other side was this:



Now, puns don't usually make my eyes leak, but boy howdy I was fighting back some tears when I read this.

I turned into the back seat to ask her about her note and she had a huge, silly grin on her face. 


I may not have a Lasso of Truth, but I do have a 7-year-old who has taught me more truths about myself than anyone else in the world.

I think I'll tuck this note inside my wallet for a day when I'm struggling or flailing, to remind myself that there's one tiny human who thinks the world of me.

She's my mirror. And I'm honoured to witness what she reflects.

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