The Doughnut Story

The doughnuts pictured below are not the doughnuts you'll read about in this story. But I couldn't share this post without sharing some doughnuts. (Missing from pic: The Boston Cream and the Cruller, of course.)

Here's the story.

Do you ever have one of those encounters where you think "did that even just happen?" after it happens because it just seems so weird that you should back away slowly?

Last weekend we went to get doughnuts (because it was the weekend and we wanted to get doughnuts) and this was the experience.

Hmm. So yes. While I happen to adore this particular establishment, I'm going to live in sadness for the lost 2 doughnuts that weren't.

The ten consolation doughnuts that we brought home were stale and not excellent and they really just seemed like the sorts that were leftover. She actually said "there aren't any of the good kinds left" and at first I thought WHY would you even make the kinds that aren't the good kinds?? But then I thought OMG THEY ARE DOUGHNUTS they are ALL the good kind, but that didn't pan out.

RIP doughnuts. We hardly knew ye.

Next time I'll specifically order twelve awesome doughnuts. If you please.