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The Season That Hits You Like A Beautiful, Glittery Truck

The Season That Hits You Like A Beautiful, Glittery Truck

Well. Best intentions, my friends.

I was totally on board for blogging daily last month...

Until I broke my tooth off at the gum. Until I sprained my ankle in the woods. Until I broke my baby toe (on the same foot). 

Until... life?

There's something about the holiday season that brings shit out in full force... whether it's the good or the bad, but I figure these are my three catastrophes for 2016 and they were all just waiting until the very last moment to rise up and punch me in the face.

This season hits us all in different ways, but later on I know I won't really care about the dentist bills and the hurty-foot. I'll only care that we smiled and spent time with friends and family and played in the snow and ate gingerbread. That's the stuff that matters. And that's what I'll always have.

Here's what we've been up to. The good stuff. (Just mix in a little bit of me wearing Birkenstocks in the snow because my boots hurt my broken toe too much and the only footwear I could handle was sandals.)

We finally had a snowfall that filled our backyard with the perfect stuff for building snowmen. Gretchen woke up early and came into my bedroom 1/2 snowsuited up and ready to rock. I came downstairs to make a coffee and then changed my mind. I got dressed, went outside, and we built snowmen (er, snowcats) til our fingers were numb.

And then we had hot chocolate. 

This week we've been officially breaking from homeschool stuff, but last week we talked about holiday celebrations around the world, planning seasonal gardens, monocotyledons and dicotyledons, ancient wonders of the world. She reads for hours a day. I love seeing her curled up with her books.

We've been meeting more and more homeschool families in the area and I feel like we're getting into the swing of things. It still makes me laugh a bit when people have the impression that homeschooling = unsocialized weirdos, when our schedule has us out of the house with other homeschoolers 3+ days of the week. For reals. We even found a local gym class just for homeschool kiddos which has been a great opportunity for G to make new friends and for me to speak to adults who aren't Rich. Ha ;)

IMG_8878 2.JPG

I finally got our living room unpacked and cozy. We spend our mornings snuggled up reading and drinking all the coffee. Gretchen drinks herbal tea. And I always get comments on the uber-70s couch, but I absolutely love this beast, though she's definitely on her last legs and the cushions slide around a lot. 

I've been knitting up a storm of Christmas presents too. 


This is my official first attempt at a pom-pom toque. I didn't quite get the pattern perfected, but I'm still loving it anyhow. I have three other projects on the go right now. My nights are craft beer and yarn.

Some new homeschool mom friends invited me to join their cookbook club and I made rosemary roasted potatoes from the beautiful book, Brown Eggs & Jam Jars. They were  a hit and they reminded me just how much more enjoyable it is to cook with fresh herbs instead of dried. Fresh and dry rosemary is night and day in flavour.

IMG_8825 2.JPG

Lastly, a few nights ago, as Gretchen was going to bed and Rich was doing some work, I treated myself to a hot chocolate and a solo trip to do some holiday shopping. It was blissful.

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday season. I'm excited for our first Christmas at our new house. We're still not 100% unpacked, but we're getting closer and closer to the house looking the way we want. I'm sure I'll move it all around again at some point, but we're cozy and that's what counts. 

Keep being awesome and thanks so much for being here. I'm going to spend the next couple hours working on some 2017 plans for our business and waiting for my Amazon packages to arrive. (Prime just got better in Canada, so we finally jumped on board. HELLO, LIFE CHANGING.)

Have a wonderful day! And stay warm if you happen to be a chilly part of the world.

PS. We bought the dog a Santa costume.

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