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This Is Halloween (The Good, The Awesome, And The Crummy)

This Is Halloween (The Good, The Awesome, And The Crummy)

We've officially been living at our new house for a month now and despite the fact that we're not 100% unpacked yet (actually we're not even like 23% unpacked yet) I still dug out the Halloween decorations and bought new ones so we could really do it up right. 

It's been a long time since I've lived in a place where we could decorate outside for Halloween and give out candy and I wanted to go all out for Gretchen.

She's not usually into creepy or scary stuff, so I was surprised that she wanted to decorate that way, but I went for it and it turned out great. She helped me pick out the decorations and we set up our sunroom as a spooky display of spiderwebs, blood splatters, and tattered window hangings. We strung caution tape and created a little graveyard along our path. We hung skeletons from the tree and G loved it.

She's just practicing for her next horror flick...

She's just practicing for her next horror flick...

On the afternoon of October 31st, we carved our pumpkins. We'd picked out some beauties at the pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago and we set to work on our designs. Gretchen's was amazing with big eyes that reminded Rich and I a little of a Tim Burton character.

I went for a Minecraft design, and Rich did a little meme face that I still can't stop laughing at.

I'm so glad I have this photo of our trio on the front steps... and you'll learn why by the end of this post. But first let's talk about Gretchen's costume.

This year, she had it picked out MONTHS ahead of time and I was so excited to show her all the pieces as I found them at thrift shops. It was a simple costume, but specific -- actually, a few houses we trick-or-treated at had to ask if she was wearing a costume, but she like explaining it.

She went as her favourite YouTuber, stacyplays, who is known for her love of pets and her iconic blue and white striped shirt.

The shirt I found actually had some pink flowers on it and I meticulously picked them all off the night before so it would be more Stacy-ish. Take that, Pinterest. 

Her costume was supposed to look just like Stacy's Minecraft skin and I think we pulled it off! I tweeted pics of the costume and Stacy actually commented on them, which totally made Gretchen's day today. #momoftheyear

Also, remember what I said about that pumpkin pic above? Yeah, that tweet probably answers why... sigh.

After we took Gretchen out around the neighbourhood for trick-or-treating, we came home to several smashed pumpkins -- and Gretchen's was one of them. We had 5 pumpkins, three carved, and G's was the only carved pumpkin that was ruined. The other two non-carved pumpkins were on the street and beyond, in bits. The culprit also stole all of the candy that we'd left out AND they took the bowl. Sigh.

Seeing her breakdown after realizing her pumpkin was smashed, and two others were left, was absolutely heartbreaking. She thought it was because hers wasn't good enough and kept asking "why would someone do this". It was awful.

We had a big snuggle and long talk about bullies and why they behave the way they do. By the end of it she felt sorry for them because she's so freakin' understanding and wonderful that she totally got that it wasn't about her. After drying her tears, we sorted out her candy and before going to bed she was all smiles and able to talk about the pumpkin incident without getting overwhelmed. Brave little love.

Seeing your child suffer needlessly fuels some serious mama bear rage. I had to tone down what I was feeling inside (while Rich absolutely walked around our entire neighbourhood again in search of the jerks because he's amazing. He didn't find them, but the fact that he went looking makes my heart swell.)

I didn't tell Gretchen that I've never in my 30 years had a pumpkin smashed because I knew that would crush her, but seriously, I'm pissed about the whole things. And that they took my bowl. And all the Rockets candies.



It bums me out that someone wouldn't have the heart to think about how hard a kid works on their pumpkin and how devastating it would be to find it ruined for absolutely no reason. Sure it would have been rotten in a week, but we all know that's not the point.

We all do stupid things sometimes, but this was just plain mean. I know that the universe tends to take care of things like this, but I'm just sad that it happened. It's a violation, even on a minor scale, and I was even more annoyed to hear from other friends in town that it apparently happened a LOT this year.

Next year we won't leave a bowl out and we'll make sure our pumpkins are safe and sound inside our sunroom window. It's a shame, but it'll be fine. I don't want Gretchen to have to relive seeing her creation broken on the steps again.

Overall, I'm still going to call our first Halloween at our new house a success. Thankfully the positives outweighed the negatives and I was able to usher the conversation into a teaching moment that won't be forgotten. 

I really hope that you and your family had a wonderful Halloween this year! Thank you so much for reading. #manyhighfives

PS. Let's end on a hilarious note, shall we?


PPS. Full disclosure, I was already listening to holiday music and burning my pine scented candle this morning. Oh yes, I'm one of THOSE people.

PPPS. For the month of November, I'm challenging myself to blog every single day. Soon I'll be sharing my blogging story, along with the reason why I've set this goal for myself. I hope you'll hang out to read on, friend. I truly appreciate you for being here.

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