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Travelling Far + Coming Back Home

Travelling Far + Coming Back Home

I've been home less than a day, since my recent Mom 2.0 adventures in California, and my mindset has shifted.

For months I'd been toying with the idea of someday writing a more personal, family, story-filled blog, but I wasn't 100% sure if I was ready to jump back in after saying goodbye to So Fawned Lifestyle -- the blog I started back in August 2008 when my now 7-year-old daughter was just a bean in my belly. 

SFL grew and grew -- it's the reason for so much of the good that has happened in my life -- but there comes a time for all things to end and my heart wasn't in it any longer. New projects came through, the social media management biz that I run with my partner Rich (Kitz & Co. Media) took off in a way we'd never imagined, and I embraced all of the work and excitement with relish.

However, I missed writing. I missed writing about my daughter, my family, our travels, and our life in general -- but I didn't realize just how MUCH I was missing it until I was back among my people at Mom 2.0 Summit. This conference brings together the most incredible sorts of people in the industry and it solidified my desire to write again. 

In March, we travelled to the east coast where I watched the sunrise over the Atlantic at Peggy's Cove. And just a few days ago, I watched it set over the Pacific in Laguna Niguel. I feel like I've travelled so far, physically, emotionally, mentally -- and I'm ready to dive back in. 

So here we go.

Inspired by my Twitter handle, @thatdesiree, That Mom Life is a space for parents, honesty, humour, and caffeine. I'm pumped to be back behind the keyboard and camera. 

Thanks for being here, friend. This journey has just begun.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Tears

Out Of Sight, Out Of Tears