Waiting Dogs

I love dogs. Growing up we had lots of pets, but the dogs were always my BFFs. Even before becoming a mom, I knew I'd want my kid(s) to grow up with a dog too, which is why Winston Hendrix the Boston Terrier came home with me about 10 years ago.

My daughter loves him and calls him her brother, which warms my heart. She's an animal lover just like her mama and when we spot dogs in our daily travels, she always asks their owners if she can pet them. Which is why I've totally fallen in love with the Instagram account, @waitingdogs.

This entire feed is dedicated to snapshots of dogs waiting for their owners -- outside shops and on street corners, all around the world. I'm officially obsessed and so are their 11k+ followers.

Here are a few of my faves.

The @waitingdogs account is submission driven, so the next time you see a cute Pug or Puli waiting for their owner to step out of the care -- snap a pic and send it in. 

Do you have a dog? What breed?