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What Moms Want (What They Really Really Want)

What Moms Want (What They Really Really Want)

Earlier this week (after Google told me Mother's Day was actually this weekend and not next weekend like I'd thought... whoops) I popped a question up on Facebook, asking the question: "What do you REALLY want for Mother's Day?"

Here's what some awesome mamas had to say.

What Moms Want (What They Really Really Want)

"Coffee in bed, fresh flowers, brunch with Bloody Marys, a pedicure, and a fun outing with the kids."

Mmm, sounds excellent. I really need to make getting a pedicure a regular thing. I always feel a little more put together when my nails are done. Bizarre. 

"Tacos and key lime pie. and to be doted on all day of course..." - Debbie

Now I'm craving tacos... mmm... fish tacos...

"I want to be allowed to read in the hammock for 2 hours. With champagne. With NO interruptions. Unless it's to top up the champagne... ;)" - Chantal

I'm hella impressed that you're coordinated enough to drink champagne in a hammock. 

"How wrong is it to say a new iPhone so I can take better selfies? ;)"

Dude. I'm still not sure why our freakin' iPhones don't have better front-facing cameras. I mean... at least make them AS good as the other camera! Sheesh.

"To sleep in, hand delivered Starbucks.... A a magical fairy to clean my house from top to bottom and sushi, movie and wine with my hubby (after the baby is asleep)."

Send that fairy over when they finish, eh?

"Gardener and a permanent live in chef." - Michelle


"A freaking nap. And a solo shopping trip to anywhere but the grocery store. And shoes & books." - Amber

Shopping alone is pretty much the best thing in the world. Mostly because when I shop alone I don't have to crawl under racks of clothing to find my hilarious 7-year-old.

"To hire someone to cut our lawn because my hubby gets lazy halfway through the summer... Let's just round it out and say I'd love a team of staff. Yes, staff that's what I want!" - Joanna

Ditto. We have a wonderful cleaning lady, but I'd love her to come every week. That's the dream, guys. That's the dream. (Or maybe we can just move to a bigger place and she can come with us. I guess THAT'S the real dream.)

"My only wish is that I spend it with my family enjoying each others company and that they don't spend their money on me, their time is enough." - Chrissy

Beautifully put. It's never about the stuff. 

"My van to be cleaned! Like, vacuum all those cereal bits and scrub out the cup holders ... I wouldn't complain if a gift card for a solo outing landed on the front seat either."

This reminds me I have to get our Rogue detailed. (From that time a fast food employee gave us a defective cup and it exploded all over me in the front seat and burned my legs and soaked the interior. A story for another time.)

"One day and one night to myself!" - Susan

I recently had this when I was in California and I have to say it's pretty much the best. We all get touched and talked out sometimes. Self-care is so important!

"Notice for the most part Moms just want a 'day off' from all the work? Forget the jewellery and fancy bubble bath. Clean the crap up and we're happy people! ;)"

Nailed it. Just clean up the crap guys. CLEAN UP THE CRAP.

"I want a day with my husband and kids where we don't feel rushed or stressed. A day with nothing planned and no where to be."

Yes! I love days when there's NOTHING on the schedule. Clean slate, baby.

"I want harmony between the three boys for one day."

From your lips to god's ears. 

"A house de-cluttering fairy. Grad school as been a total bitch to my house." - Allison

OMG where is this fairy and why isn't she at my house??

"Booze." - Kim


"An orgasm."

Amen x2. 

"An entire day of having nothing on my floor or furniture that I did not put there. You can quote me on that." - Alana

Right? I just want one bare surface. Is that too much to ask?

"I think I've already received the best Mother's Day gift... yesterday, the great news that my 74 year old mother fought cancer and won! No gift or gesture can compare... let's be grateful we are mothers and appreciate everything we already have. ;) Looking back, I always loved (and saved) the cards my children made me! I miss cold toast and juice in bed... those were the days... enjoy them while they last!!" - Lana

This makes me so happy I could cry. What a fierce fighter! I'm so glad you get to see another Mother's Day with your mama! 

Five generations

Five generations last Christmas, ages 6 to 98. So much motherhood in one photo. 

In the end, most moms just want a day that celebrates all of the hard work they do every single day. We want to feel appreciated and loved. And if there's some pampering and bubbly involved, well then that's pretty rad too. 

This Mother's Day, what I truly want is to relax, read a book, enjoy the sunshine, and wake up at some obscenely late hour (you know, like 9am??) and then go to brunch with my family.

So that's exactly what I'm going to do. 

Was she really ever this small?
Oh those cheeks.

I've been looking back through lots of old pictures this week and it's blowing my mind to think of Gretchen as this tiny, fullofcheeks baby. Was she ever so small? Did she ever not run and ride bikes and make puns and manufacture enough sass to power a small nation? Every new age is my favourite age. Every year is more exciting than the last. Every Mother's Day is a reminder of how far we've come. 

And so, I'd like to wish a very happy Mother's Day to all of the mamas out there. You are amazing. And I hope you never forget it.

Now, where's that corkscrew...?

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